Smoked Mackerel Aloo Parathas

Smoked Mackerel Aloo Parathas

We absolutely love Sunday brunch! Brunch means meeting up with your girlfriends at one of London’s trendy eateries (Kopapa, The Riding House Cafe, Dean Street Townhouse), catching up and taking your time over lots of different foods that ordinarily don’t really go together. Muesli AND French Toast AND smoked salmon? We’re totally there. It’s brunch! … Continue reading

Khubz (Arabic bread)

Happy Eid! Being so far from the Middle East where we semi-grew up during this time of year makes us nostalgic for Arabic foods…jareesh, kabsa, mindi, manakeesh, basbousa, kunafa…ok so we’re carb monsters! Unfortunately, some of these things are not quite so easy to find even in London. We particularly miss the huge variety of … Continue reading