Iranian Potato Salad


September is takeaway weather. Yes, we know, you’re suppose to cook everything from scratch. If you don’t, you’re wasting your money and you’re eating your way to imminent obesity. But honestly, sometimes you want a bit of a treat. Something different, something you wouldn’t ordinarily cook for yourself. Like beautiful Iranian food with their beautiful kebabs, breads, casseroles and sides. We have a special love for salad olivieh, Iranian potato salad which is so much more than potato (though slightly more like a salad). It’s got two different types of protein (chicken and eggs), vegetables (peas, carrots and gherkins) and loads of mayo. Yum.

Apparently it originates from Russia and and is otherwise called Russian salad. The original recipe that was created by a Belgian chef in Moscow sounds like more of a ultra-rich surf and turf platter than a salad (containing grouse, veal tongue, caviar, lettuce, crayfish tails, capers and smoked duck). We’re grateful that the recipe morphed into something more down to earth that used recognisable ingredients! The salad olivieh we know is super simple and comforting.

So when we were thinking of bringing something to a friend’s house party, we looked up salad olivieh and stumbled on a fantasic – and easy – recipe from My Persian Kitchen. If you’re interested in making this dish, take a look, it takes hardly any time at all. And needless to say, it was a hit! Have it by itself (our preferred option) or with kebabs, burgers, hot dogs….any barbecue food really.

So what do you think? Feel free to share your questions and comments below! We’d love to hear what you have to say.


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