Other people’s dishes


This week we continued to try other people’s dishes – it’s a good way to try out different techniques and slightly different flavour combinations. And you can adapt their recipes to suit you, which is the fun part!

The first recipe we tried came out of the Thug Kitchen cookbook – it caught our eye in the bookshop and it was just so funny that we had to buy it. We didn’t realise it was vegan until we actually got home and it was a pleasant surprise because it all looked like food we wanted to eat. We decided to start nice and easy recipe – the oatmeal breakfast bars as it has been a while since we made our own granola bars. (Now it’s all porridge or yoghurt and blueberries!) We may have overcooked it – granola bars are always a little difficult because you want it all to stick together but you don’t want them to be too crumbly so that they disintegrate. So…basically we made granola, rather than granola bars, but that’s okay! I think the problem with the recipe is that it’s a bit dry so you’d have to add more liquid (or maybe peanut butter?) so that it sticks together but also doesn’t overcook. Look out for our next Thug Kitchen recipe trial next time!

Next, we had leftover egg yolks from last week’s recipe and some bacon, so it seemed obvious that it was time to make carbonara! We apologise in advance to any Italians – in fact, we had just finished making this when we read this Huff Post article on “Italians Mad At Food Tweets Highlight America’s Worst Cooking Offenses“. Oops. We followed this recipe and apologise specifically about the bacon (not pancetta) and tagliatelle (not spaghetti) that we decided to use. But we’re not apologising for using 4 egg yolks and 1 whole egg – that just made it all better! Generally, we think experimentation is good – it opens you up to different flavours and textures – it gets your creative juices flowing. And why buy new ingredients when you can use up what you already have in the fridge?


Lastly, we tried amazing raclette and new potatoes at Kappacasein in Borough Market. It was one of those things that you always want to try but somehow never get round to it. This week we did and it was totally worth it. If you don’t know what raclette is, it’s a Swiss (or a semi-hard) cheese, where the wheel is cut into two and then you grill the exposed cheese until melty (and glorious!). You then scrape the melted cheese onto boiled new potatoes, season and serve with baby gherkins. (And then, we suppose, you scale a mountain, like the Swiss!) If you’re in the London Bridge area, you have to try it!




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